PC Building Simulator Soundtrack

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Release Date 11 Feb 2021
Features Additional High-Quality Audio
Developers Claudiu Kiss The Irregular Corporation
Publishers The Irregular Corporation
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Various Artists


Gavin Harrison


The Irregular Corporation


Produced by Gavin Harrison (with Thomas Peters for Tracks 2, 3, 10 \\u0026 14)\\r\\n\\r\\nMusic Written \\u0026 Performed by:\\r\\nSmearing Thermal Compound - Gavin Harrison \\u0026 Lorenzo De Feo\\r\\nRAM Out of Luck - Gavin Harrison \\u0026 Lorenzo De Feo\\r\\nA Thousand GigaFLOPs Without You - Gavin Harrison \\u0026 Rachel Simpson\\r\\nLinear Feedback Shift Register - Gavin Harrison \\u0026 Lorenzo De Feo\\r\\nLight - Gavin Harrison \\u0026 Rachel Simpson\\r\\nUpload Download - Gavin Harrison \\u0026 Rachel Simpson\\r\\nInverse Fourier Transformation - Gavin Harrison\\r\\nTrace a Ray Reflection - Gavin Harrison\\r\\nAdvanced Host Controller Interface - Gavin Harrison \\u0026 Lorenzo De Feo\\r\\nThe Ultimate PC - Gavin Harrison \\u0026 Chris Blundell\\r\\nTrace a Ray Reflection (Retro Version) - Gavin Harrison\\r\\nZero Day (Esports Expansion) - Gavin Harrison\\r\\nLock n L.E.D (Esports Expansion) - Gavin Harrison \\u0026 Lorenzo De Feo\\r\\nGeT_iT_RiGhT (Esports Expansion) - Gavin Harrison

# Disc 1 Duration
8 Inverse Fourier Transformation 3:20
10 Advanced Host Controller Interface 2:25
12 Trace a Ray Reflection (Retro Version) 3:19
9 Trace a Ray Reflection 3:22
15 GeT_iT_RiGhT (Esports Expansion) 4:45
4 A Thousand GigaFLOPs Without You 3:5
6 Light 3:48
3 RAM Out of Luck 3:22
7 Upload Download 3:44
1 Boot Sequence 0:14
5 Linear Feedback Shift Register 4:12
14 Lock n L.E.D (Esports Expansion) 3:28
2 Smearing Thermal Compound 3:2
11 The Ultimate PC 2:25
13 Zero Day (Esports Expansion) 3:18
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  • Developer: Claudiu Kiss
  • Developer: The Irregular Corporation
  • Publisher: The Irregular Corporation
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