Suez Canal Simulator: Stella Maris Bulk Carrier DLC

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For Game Suez Canal Simulator
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Release Date 24 Nov 2021
Genres Simulation
Features Single-player Downloadable Content
Developers Jason Dial
Publishers Digital Light
Simulation 30
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Simulation 30
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version Other
change_number Other 13222752
updated_steam Other 23 Nov 21 20:08
updated_global_steam Other 23 Nov 21 20:08
type Other DLC
associations Common
  • Developer: Jason Dial
  • Publisher: Digital Light
category Common 2
exfgls (Exclude from game library sharing) Common
gameid Common 1771840
genres Common 28
header_image Common
  • english: header.jpg
name Common Suez Canal Simulator: Stella Maris Bulk Carrier DLC
name_localized Common
  • finnish: Suezin kanavan simulaattori: Stella Maris irtolastialus DLC
  • russian: Симулятор Суэцкого канала: Stella Maris для балкера DLC
  • vietnamese: Suez Canal Simulator: DLC tàu sân bay số lượng lớn Stella Maris
  • dutch: Suezkanaalsimulator: Stella Maris bulkcarrier DLC
  • german: Suezkanal-Simulator: Stella Maris Massengutfrachter DLC
  • greek: Προσομοιωτής διώρυγας του Σουέζ: Stella Maris bulk carrier DLC
  • italian: Simulatore del canale di Suez: DLC per portarinfuse Stella Maris
  • koreana: 수에즈 운하 시뮬레이터: Stella Maris 벌크선 DLC
  • latam: Simulador del Canal de Suez: DLC del granelero Stella Maris
  • polish: Symulator Kanału Sueskiego: DLC masowca Stella Maris
  • portuguese: Simulador do Canal de Suez: Stella Maris graneleiro DLC
  • brazilian: Simulador do Canal de Suez: Stella Maris graneleiro DLC
  • french: Simulateur du canal de Suez : DLC du vraquier Stella Maris
  • norwegian: Suez Canal Simulator: Stella Maris bulkskip DLC
  • schinese: 苏伊士运河模拟器:Stella Maris 散货船 DLC
  • spanish: Simulador del Canal de Suez: DLC del granelero Stella Maris
  • czech: Simulátor Suezského průplavu: DLC Stella Maris hromadná loď
  • japanese: スエズ運河シミュレーター:ステラマリスばら積み貨物船DLC
  • swedish: Suez Canal Simulator: Stella Maris bulk carrier DLC
  • turkish: Süveyş Kanalı Simülatörü: Stella Maris dökme yük gemisi DLC
  • arabic: محاكي قناة السويس: DLC ناقلة البضائع السائبة Stella Maris
osarch Common
osextended Common
oslist Common windows
parent Common 1347240
primary_genre Common 28
releasestate Common Prerelease
small_capsule Common
  • english: capsule_231x87.jpg
store_asset_mtime Common 16 Nov 23:26
store_tags Common 599
supported_languages Common English + Full Audio
type Common DLC
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