Sonic Frontiers: Holiday Cheer Suit

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For Game Sonic Frontiers
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Review Score 98.06% (151 2 )
Release Date 21 Dec 2022
Genres Action Adventure
Features Single-player Downloadable Content
Developers Sonic Team
Publishers SEGA
Adventure 54
Action 53
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Adventure 54
Action 53
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version Other
change_number Other 17413186
updated_steam Other 18 Jan 23 00:06
updated_global_steam Other 26 Jan 23 05:34
type Other DLC
developer Extended Sonic Team
dlcavailableonstore Extended
dlcforappid Extended 1237320
isfreeapp Extended
mustownapptopurchase Extended 1237320
publisher Extended SEGA
associations Common
  • Developer: Sonic Team
  • Publisher: SEGA
category Common 2
gameid Common 2089733
genres Common 1, 25
header_image Common
  • english: header.jpg
name Common Sonic Frontiers: Holiday Cheer Suit
name_localized Common
  • polish: Sonic Frontiers: świąteczny strój
  • spanish: Sonic Frontiers: Atuendo Espíritu festivo
  • french: Sonic Frontiers : Tenue Festive
  • italian: Sonic Frontiers: Vestito delle feste
  • koreana: 소닉 크리스마스 의상
  • latam: Sonic Frontiers: Traje de celebración de fiestas
  • schinese: 索尼克的圣诞服装
  • tchinese: 索尼克的聖誕服裝
  • turkish: Sonic Frontiers: Tatil Neşesi Kostümü
  • ukrainian: Sonic Frontiers: Костюм «Святковий настрій»
  • brazilian: Sonic Frontiers: Visual Boas Festas
  • german: Sonic Frontiers: Festliches Kostüm
  • japanese: ソニックのクリスマスコスチューム
osarch Common 64
osextended Common
oslist Common windows
parent Common 1237320
primary_genre Common 1
releasestate Common Released
review_percentage Common 98%
review_score Common 8
small_capsule Common
  • english: capsule_231x87.jpg
steam_release_date Common 22 Dec 00:59
store_asset_mtime Common 02 Nov 16:56
store_tags Common 19, 21
supported_languages Common Brazilian + Subtitles, Chinese (Simplified) + Subtitles, Chinese (Traditional) + Subtitles, English + Full Audio, Subtitles, French + Full Audio, Subtitles, German + Full Audio, Subtitles, Italian + Full Audio, Subtitles, Japanese + Full Audio, Subtitles, Koreana + Subtitles, Polish + Subtitles, Russian + Subtitles, Spanish + Full Audio, Subtitles
type Common DLC
ID 2089733
Configs null
Manifests {"public":"5603185428396252058"}
Max Size 2.4 MB
DLC Ap 2089733
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gamma 9800944 1666761098
public 9800944 1669805180
test 9792385 1666680425
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