Football Manager 2013 Russian

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Players 10 Last 10 minutes
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Followers 398 (Group)
Review Score 97.67% (41 0 )
Release Date 02 Nov 2012
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Peak All Time 20
Peak Last Week 11
Peak Last 10 minutes 10
Average Playtime (On Global Steam) 4 days, 21 hours, 49 minutes
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Owners 0 - 20,000
Average Playtime (Two Weeks) 0 hours
Average Playtime (Forever) 688 hours
Median Playtime (Two Weeks) 0 hours
Median Playtime (Forever) 688 hours
Player Countries
Russia 59.34%
Ukraine 7.69%
United States 4.40%
Belarus 4.40%
Kazakhstan 2.20%
Georgia 2.20%
Finland 2.20%
Netherlands 1.10%
Azerbaijan 1.10%
Luxembourg 1.10%
United Kingdom 1.10%
South Korea 1.10%
Vatican City 1.10%
Canada 1.10%
Sweden 1.10%
Norfolk Island 1.10%
Moldova 1.10%
Latvia 1.10%
Poland 1.10%
Romania 1.10%
Turkey 1.10%
Cyprus 1.10%
Rwanda 1.10%
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version Other 77
change_number Other 9596318
updated_steam Other 27 Oct 20 04:24
updated_global_steam Other 27 Oct 20 04:24
type Other Game
developer Extended Sports Interactive
gamedir Extended Football Manager 2013 Russian
homepage Extended
icon Extended
installscript Extended installscript.vdf
launcheula Extended
listofdlc Extended 220500
noservers Extended
publisher Extended SEGA
sourcegame Extended
state Extended eStateAvailable
thirdpartycdkey Extended
validoslist Extended macos, windows
visibleonlywhensubscribed Extended
associations Common
  • Developer: Sports Interactive
  • Publisher: SEGA
category Common 1, 2
clienticns Common f0fd6ed9f704b75e9ddadc346ab3d3c58a0512fc
clienticon Common
clienttga Common bb965d6cafc5352da6e6db09387af18c5b6ce215
community_hub_visible Common
community_visible_stats Common
eulas Common
gameid Common 216610
genres Common 18, 28
header_image Common
  • english: header.jpg
icon Common
languages Common english, russian
logo Common
logo_small Common
metacritic_name Common Football Manager 2013 Russian
name Common Football Manager 2013 Russian
oslist Common macos, windows
primary_genre Common 28
review_percentage Common 100%
review_score Common 7
small_capsule Common
  • english: capsule_231x87.jpg
steam_release_date Common 02 Nov 00:00
store_asset_mtime Common 19 Dec 19:12
store_tags Common 599, 701
supported_languages Common Russian
type Common Game
cegpublickey Config 30819D300D06092A864886F70D0101...
checkguid Config fm.exe
contenttype Config 3
installdir Config Football Manager 2013 Russian
Football Manager 2013 Russian Exes depot
ID 216612
Configs null
Manifests {"local":"6652267196105361919","public":"6089308883034610646"}
Max Size 208 MB
System Defined
Shared Install
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LV Cache
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ID 216613
Configs null
Manifests {"public":"3701015534867641619"}
Max Size 3.6 GB
System Defined
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Shared Depot Type
LV Cache
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ID 216611
Configs null
Manifests {"local":"1486583050470410291","public":"5891867616989371260"}
Max Size 2.5 GB
System Defined
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LV Cache
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Name Description Build ID Time Updated Password Required LCS Required Default For Subs Unlock For Subs
full test 54492 0
local Local Content Server 54491 0
pre test 21857 0
public 54492 0
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overridescddb 1
preloadonly 1
1. Windows
Order 0
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Order 1
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Name Display Default
achievement_goal_of_the_month_awards 0
achievement_won_cup1 4294967295
achievement_won_cup2 4294967295
achievement_won_cup3 4294967295
achievement_won_cup4 4294967295
achievement_won_cup5 4294967295
achievement_won_league1 4294967295
achievement_won_league2 4294967295
achievement_won_league3 4294967295
achievement_won_league4 4294967295
achievement_won_league5 4294967295
achievement_won_top_league1 4294967295
achievement_won_top_league2 4294967295
achievement_won_top_league3 4294967295
achievement_won_top_league4 4294967295
achievement_won_top_league5 4294967295
achievement_won_continental_cup1 4294967295
achievement_won_continental_cup2 4294967295
achievement_won_continental_cup3 4294967295
feature_match_camera_2d_classic Carmera 2D Classic 0
feature_match_camera_2d Camera 2D 0
feature_match_camera_tv Camera TV 0
feature_match_camera_main_stand Camera Main Stand 0
feature_match_camera_elevated Camera Elevated 0
feature_match_camera_vertical_scrolling Camera Vertical Scrolling 0
feature_match_camera_zoomed_vertical_scrolling Camera Zoomed Vertical Scrolling 0
feature_match_camera_behind_corner Camera Behind Corner 0
feature_match_camera_sideline Camera Sideline 0
feature_match_camera_player_cam Camera Player Cam 0
feature_match_camera_free_cam Camera Free Cam 0
feature_match_not_allowed_to_use_3d Camera No 3D Allowed 0
feature_match_camera_director Camera Director 0
feature_match_camera_behind_goal Camera Behind Goal 0
feature_match_camera_touchline Camera Touchline 0
feature_match_camera_behind_corner_static Camera Behind Corner Static 0
feature_match_camera_penalty Camera Penalty 0
feature_match_camera_free_kick Camera Free Kick 0
feature_match_camera_mixture Camera Mixture 0
feature_tactics_completed_wizard Completed Tactics Wizard 0
feature_tactics_cancelled_wizard Cancelled Tactics Wizard 0
feature_tactic_converted_to_classic Tactic Converted to Classic 0
feature_tactic_changed_to_advanced_team_mode Changed to Advanced Team Mode 0
feature_tactic_changed_to_basic_team_mode Changed to Basic Team Mode 0
feature_tactic_changed_to_advanced_player_mode Changed to Advanced Player Mode 0
feature_tactic_changed_to_basic_player_mode Changed to Basic Player Mode 0
feature_press_conference_attended_by_manager Press Conference Attended by Manager 0
feature_press_conferences_always_attended_by_assistant Press Conference Always Attended by Assistant 0
feature_press_conferences_attended_by_assistant Press Conference Attended by Assistant 0
feature_press_conference_stormed_out Press Conference Stormed Out 0
feature_entered_training Entered Training Screen 0
feature_newgens_selected_by_assistant Newgens Selected by Assistant 0
feature_team_talk_asked_assistant Team Talk Asked Assistant 0
feature_team_talk_controlled_by_assistant Team Talk Controlled by Assistant 0
feature_friendlies_controlled_by_assistant Friendlies controlled by Assistant 0
feature_friendlies_arranged_by_assistant Friendlies arranged by Assistant 0
feature_went_on_holiday Went on Holiday 0
feature_hardware_incapable_of3d Hardware incapable of 3D 0
feature_bookmark_added Bookmark Added 0
feature_note_created Note Created 0
feature_new_game_wizard_completed New Game Wizard Completed 0
feature_new_game_wizard_cancelled New Game Wizard Cancelled 0
feature_full_screen_mode Full Screen Mode 0
feature_windowed_mode Windowed Mode 0
feature_resolution_1024x768 Screen Resolution 1024x768 0
feature_resolution_1152x864 Screen Resolution 1152x864 0
feature_resolution_1280x720 Screen Resolution 1280x720 0
feature_resolution_1280x768 Screen Resolution 1280x768 0
feature_resolution_1280x800 Screen Resolution 1280x800 0
feature_resolution_1280x960 Screen Resolution 1280x960 0
feature_resolution_1280x1024 Screen Resolution 1280x1024 0
feature_resolution_1360x768 Screen Resolution 1360x768 0
feature_resolution_1366x768 Screen Resolution 1366x768 0
feature_resolution_1440x900 Screen Resolution 1440x900 0
feature_resolution_1600x900 Screen Resolution 1600x900 0
feature_resolution_1600x1200 Screen Resolution 1600x1200 0
feature_resolution_1680x1050 Screen Resolution 1680x1050 0
feature_resolution_1920x1080 Screen Resolution 1920x1080 0
feature_resolution_1920x1200 Screen Resolution 1920x1200 0
feature_resolution_2560x1440 Screen Resolution 2560x1440 0
feature_resolution_other Screen Resolution Other 0
feature_match_camera_track_top Camera Track Top 0
feature_match_camera_centre Camera Centre 0
feature_match_camera_crowd_pan Camera Crowd Pan 0
feature_match_camera_crowd_track Camera Crowd Track 0
feature_match_camera_behind_goal_low Camera Behind Goal Low 0
feature_match_camera_track_rectangle Camera Track Rectangle 0