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╚══╩═╩═╩═╩═╩╩╩╩═╝ the oldest and "official" Steam group about the Naruto series (Naruto & Naruto Shippuden).

Our Steam Group Chat -

Regular & latest updates about the ongoing Anime & Manga may be found on the external links below.

Anyone is free to join, whether you love or would like to love Naruto =].
Don't forget to invite your friends.
Enjoy your stay.

-Prestigious Awards-
*20,000 Members milestone*
*Biggest Naruto group*
*Oldest Naruto group*
*Official Naruto group(groups/Naruto)*
*One of the first groups ever created (August 7th 2007)*

-English only
-No manga spoilers as comments
-No spam
-No advertisement (groups, websites, channels, etc.)
-No harassment or abuse
-Be nice

Rules for moderators / administrators
-You should carry on the task given (invite, update news, etc.) frequently.
-You should be active in the group (post comments, play with other members, etc.). If you are on vacation or taking a break from Steam, let us know.


Q: How to be mod/admin?
A: Apply HERE and show how you want to contribute as an admin / mod (Actions speak louder than words)

Q:Are admins and or Mods wanted?
A: Always.

Q:What are the staff ranks?
Markie - Owner

Juggernaut - Admin
Dark Mazic - Admin
unlucky - Mod
Ner0 - Mod
Fuzzydude - Mod
1st Claymore - Mod
Mkbsecret - Mod
Mr.Tesla - Mod

Q: Why did the group change?
A: The latest change includes only few mods/admin to take care of the group. This is to keep it cleaner and make sure only active and committed people stay as staff members. So if you were mod/admin and you still want to take care of the group, then follow the instructions above.

Remember no spoilers!

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Latest update: 25/9/2016

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