100% Achievements Group

100% Achievements Group (100pAG)

It's all or nothing.

Steam Group Page
For those striving to achieve 100% Achievements status in any, or all, steamworks games.

The members of this group will help each other achieve 100% status in any way they can.

In multiplayer games this may involve organising to join a server at a certain time. And for single player games by providing guides and hints.

Some Rules:
* Farming is ok, but exploits are not.
* You must achieve your own achievements. Don't let anyone play your account to do it for you.
* Be Nice.
* Have fun! Remember, the purpose of achievements is enjoyment, and enjoyment only. If you are not having fun, then you are missing the point.

Our Discord Channel[discord.com]
AStats - Our favorite competitive achievement tracker[astats.astats.nl]
Completionist.me - A great non-competitive alternative[completionist.me]
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