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Welcome to The-Tournament.

Firstly THANK YOU for joining one of the newest and hopefully soon to be one of the biggest online gaming communities.

We offer a gaming experience that will appeal to every gamer from the highest skill level right through to the lowest.

The site is currently running 5v5 Clan Tournament's and Death Match Knockout Cups.

The-Tournament has some excellent Public Servers with great mods to enhance gameplay. There are seperate stats systems for the Death Match server and the standard maps servers. Links to the stats are found at (

Public Server IP's - All Servers are 100 Tick - Quad Core - Q9300 - 2.5Ghz - 6mb L2 Cache - 4 gig RAM - 1333FSB - SATA HDD - The Death Match Server - Currently running TwoTowers 24/7. - 24/7 Dust2 - 24/7 Office - 24/7 Italy - TwoTowers Death Match - NO SNIPERS

To start with only Counter Strike Source is supported however when the site is fully operational more and more games will appear.

Cups, Tournaments and Events

This section will have knockout cups based on different skills, eg awp cup, shotgun cup, Deagle etc. The prizes for these cups will either be winner takes all or a split prize for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. There will also be spot prizes for best player of the tournament.

There will be free entry and paid entry events. The main difference will be with the prize money. Free Entry Events will have lower prize funds.

A paid entry event for 32 clans with an entry fee of £3 per person will have a prize fund of £400. If this was a knockout event then the winning clan will get £400 which is £80 per player. If the prizefund is to be split then 1st place would get 50%, 2nd would get 25%, 3rd would get 15% and the best player of the tournament would get 10%.

A Paid Entry event for Death Match with an entry fee of £3 per player would generate £450 for the prizefund. In a straight knockout the winner will get the full £450. If there are split prizes then 1st will get 50%, 2nd will get 30% and 3rd will get 20%.

The Ranking System

The-Tournament will use a dedicated ranking system that will generate ranks based on matches played in events only. These ranks will be used to aim events at low, mid and high skilled teams.

The League System

There will be a full league system with seperate divisions for different skill levels. This will allow teams to progress from low to mid and eventually into the high skilled bracket.

The leagues will have home and away fixtures with the home team picking the map and the starting side (ct or t).

Clans will be able to use the servers for training/PCW matches when they are not in use.

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