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Welcome to the iOGaming STEAM Community Group! We are an international multi-gaming community (not a clan) with a wide player base all across the world! We currently officially support Team Fortress 2, Left4Dead Series, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Battlefield 2, Heroes of Newerth, and expanding! All of our members share a common belief of playing together and playing to win! We're the only community to give away free stuff just for playing on our servers, so check out all of our servers and our website! Additionally, we hold tournaments very often so be sure to check back and play in any of one of our FIFTEEN servers throughout the variety of games we offer: TF2, Left4Dead and Battlefield2.

At iOGaming, we do not sell admin or even VIP reserved slots like most other communities do. We firmly believe that you should not have to pay to hold a spot in our servers and that admin's should only be people who genuinely care about the direction of the community and upholding the fairness & quality the absolute ideal community should offer. However we also believe that if you are donating money to help a community run, you should receive not only recognition, but some sort of physical benefits as well. The staff at iOGaming really took the time to think and develop actual in-game benefits that would not effect game play while adding to the fun of the game. We did just that and are now able to offer you (instantly) upon donation, fun benefits to reward you for helping make iO what it is today. Check out the benefits at:

** Apply for the [iO] tag @ - We are always looking for some cool new members!

Stop in and join us on any of our servers below.
========= Team Fortress 2 =========
Check out our full server list and join from the website @

== Battlefield 3 ==
Check out our full server list: - Also by searching the [iO] tag in the server list!

== DayZ ==
DayZ - US 3305 (v1.7.2.6/build 97361) [VETERAN|3DP:ON|CH:ON][GMT+7] - hosted by

== Left4Dead ==

== Left4Dead 2 ==
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