Fans of Criken

Fans of Criken (The Cuties)

Welcome, Fans of Criken!

Steam Group Page
I made this group because my friends list filled up a lot faster than I anticipated, now this group will act as a public page where anyone interested in my videos or streams can join.

This group will act as my expanded friend list, where I can post my upcoming videos, ideas, contests and whatnot.

Don't try adding me or joining my games because I wont accept. Be a cool guy in the group chat, that's the best you can do to get my approval and attention.

Steam ID: Criken2 (if it's not /id/criken2, it's fake)
Xbox 360 GT: Criken (loldontplayanymore)
Youtube Channel: Criken2
Twitch Channel: Criken
Twitter: @CrikMaster

Ask me (CrikMaster) a question on Formspring:

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