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Welcome to Warrior Navy!
A giveaway community which is a part of the ZEEPOND network, and the current BIGGEST giveaway group on steam. We do giveaways, write reviews, and more! We have one great and crazy community - you're just one click away from being a part of it!

What is ZEEPOND? is an official Media website own and operate by THE CPT FROGGY and his team. We organise promotional and official giveaways and write fair and comprehensive reviews for our members and the public. The Network includes a Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest and the following three Steam groups:


Giveaway Central

Super Giveaways

That brings our total Steam users to over 500,000!

For Developers or Publishers who seek to promote their titles, please e-mail us at review-mygame[at]zeepond[dot]com.


We will be announcing a few giveaways each week at Warrior Navy. All giveaways (games) are officials and all keys are provided by Developers or Publishers. Our Monthly $50 AUD Steam Voucher is purchased by THE CPT FROGGY from a local retailer and every single voucher has an ID Number, time of purchase etc . . . and all winners are announced on a daily basis on Zeepond.


»» Do not advertise anywhere on our forum and chatroom. This includes, rep for rep, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer channels and links to gambling and questionable content websites. You'll earn an instant and permanent ban. If you wish to promote an Early Access game or products related to the Gaming Industry (mouse, keyboard, monitor, etc) please contact us at [email protected] to start the conversation.
»» Stay civil. There is no need for harrasment or flaming. If you have a problem with someone or see someone breaking the rules, please take it up with an administrator or a moderator. Do not attempt to fix it yourself.
»» Do not swear excessively. Be polite.
»» Do not spam.
»» Bots are not allowed.
»» Asking people to leave rep on your profile or anywhere else is forbidden.
»» No begging.
»» Trading is not allowed.

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