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Hello there! We are a friendly Garry’s Mod Community that cares about their players. Our gameservers are hosted by Ideal-Hosting UG, and that’s why you will be playing flawless without any lag! We got over 30.000 unique players that are very excited to meet you so hurry up and log in to one of our gameservers! Maybe you want a chance to start your life over again? Then you should go to our roleplay server. We got so many more to tell you, so come on! We are waiting for you!

If you're interested in joining Gmod.biZ, simply register and become active on the forums displayed in the links section below and optionally wear the Gmod.biZ tag. [Gmod.biZ] <name> is the correct format for wearing the Gmod.biZ tag, we'd appreciate it if this exact format, with the correct spacing was used to keep consistency. We'd also appreciate if no alternatives or custom designs of the tag were made and used, as this breaks the consistency.

Our Servers:
BizRP - IP:
Cinema - IP:
(More Gameservers: for complete list)

Please do not click any links posted in the comment section. There is a good chance that people post scam-websites and other "uncool" content. As soon as we see that, we delete it.

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