+BloodLords+ (BlooD-Friend)

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Welcome to the +BloodLords+ community!

If you got an invite for this community, you either have a friend in this group or you have played on our server before.

Our goal is to unite all players who love to play on our CS:S GunGame server and give them the latest news about the server and community.

Counter-Srike: Source server:

+BloodLords+ [GunGame | Random Turbo | HLStatsX | FastDL]

If you like our server and community, please set this group as your primary group and use BlooD-Friend tag for CS: S (Options -> Multiplayer -> Advanced). Invite your friends to our group!

We are offering VIP status on our servers in exchange of your donation. Each 5€ counts as one month of VIP status, donate HERE[paypal.me].

VIP benefits:
* slot reservation – you will be able to join the server even if it’s full
* more sounds to play per round and per map (twice more than regular players)
* coloured chat messages
* auto-join restriction – auto-assign not required while joining a team
* team balancer – teams will be balanced but you’ll be the last person to change the team (in practice it means that you won’t be moved to the opposite team in 99,9% of cases)
* team swap – admins are not allowed to change your team
* reserved slot kick – players with slot reservation (like admins, clan members and other donators) won’t kick you from the server while using their reservation
* voteban and votemute - rest of the players will not be able to mute or ban you by vote
* SpecTime – ability to stay in spectators as long as you wish without being kicked

Happy fragging! :D

Donate via PayPal[www.paypal.me]
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