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1) End of round immunity
2) Custom chat color and tag
3) Autobalance/swap immunity
4) Access to !radio
5) Change player colour
6) IRC-style /me option for chat
7) Ability to play as MvM Robots
8) Prop menu access on our PropHunt server
9) Team Preference Selection
10) Buddy system for scrambles
11)Custom sprite for supporters during round end

Feel free to use [VF4] tags to show your support for our community. They are for everyone!

Server Rules*

1. No hacking, cheating or exploiting in any way not intended by the map creators or Valve. This also extends to third party programs that enhance your ability to play beyond normal levels (i.e. aimbot)

2. No mic spam. Short clips are fine, but if you are asked to stop, then you must comply. This includes screaming, singing or otherwise making annoying sounds into the mic. Level of annoyance is NOT determined by the creator of the sounds.

3. No discriminatory language. No racism, sexism, etc.

4. No being a douche. This includes disregarding admin requests, circumventing rules, rejoining to get around a mute, griefing other players (blocking snipers views, real world insults, etc)

5. Respect everyone.

*these rules are by no means set in stone, and can be modified at any time for complete and most accurate rules please visit our website

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