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Unreal Servers Teams up with GunNook.com

GunNook is a tactical warehouse with ballistics armor, guns, AirSoft and more. They also have a very informative community where you can keep up on the latest trends and gear etc. If you’re into Guns, Armor, AirSoft, Survival Guides, Reviews a more you should pay them a visit.

Stop over at www.members.GunNook.Com and tell them we sent you!


We're pleased to announce that we are rolling out phase 1 of our quest for world domination!
We would like to introduce you to http://www.HiveGamer.com. What is hive gamer you ask? -HG will be the community behind our network. It will be the link that ties our entire network and everything we've done as a company together. Our company has been developing its own PC gaming software for about four and half years now. While the development at times has been slow. We as a team never lost sight of our goals. As things are starting to strategically fall in place. We would like to introduce to Hive Gamer!

With that said, Let's get into a little bit of the meat and potatoes shall we? Hive gamer will be the hub for our community for both the casual players and competitive and professional ranking players . You can compete for free or join the professional bracket for victory payouts! Nothing like winning some cold hard cash after a hard-fought match!!

The type of events we support "subject to change"

Ladders | Leagues | K.O.T.H Events |

Some Cool Tools Right Out of The Gate |

Match Finder |Never wait for a match with our automatic match finder . Support Ticket System| Having problems with your account or a match not a problem? We have staff available 24 seven Global Ladder Rankings | See where you stand in our competitive gaming community with stats and more! And so much more!!

"However " We don't want to bore you with all the details if you're not interested to hear what we have to say. BUT if you are! We would like to invite you to the revealing of our brand-new competitive gaming community. Where you can find out all the juicy information you need to know there. http://www.HiveGamer.com By The Hive Network & Hive Gaming we are currently looking for staff! Please apply on HG site!

Full Server List : Community Game Servers List[www.hivegamer.com]

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