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What Is GFL?

What is GFL?

GFL is an ever-expanding gaming community. We do our best to provide a place where people all around the world can interact with each other online. This includes general discussion, playing games, working together on projects, and so on.

We currently have multiple teams that anyone can apply for. This includes the Development Team for people who are interested in programming, the Graphics Team for people interested in creating graphic designs and other forms of media for GFL, and many more!

Our Game Servers

GFL hosts game servers across multiple games. Our game servers are created, customized, and optimized to give every player the gaming experience they deserve. In addition to this, we hand pick all of our admins and take pride in having the best team to keep our game servers clean.

You can find the full list of our game servers here[].

Our Social Media

Keep up with GFL's latest news by visiting our social media pages!

Our Communication Platforms

Interact with the community by connecting to our communication platforms! At the moment, we have two communication platforms. Discord and TeamSpeak 3.

Connect yourself to our ever growing Discord server with 10,000+ users! Click here[] to join!

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