Counter-Strike: Source Academy

Counter-Strike: Source Academy ({C*S*S*A})

It’s not about getting good. It’s about getting better.

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Welcome to the official Counter-Strike: Source Academy! Going into the world of CS:S can be intimidating at first and there are so many things you want to learn. Until now, the only choice has been to make friends with an experienced CS:S player and hope that he/she will help you out.

That is all past history now!

I decided to start this academy in hopes of helping those who want to learn how to knife, b-hop, snipe, make maps, and all the other things that go along with being a pro at CS:S!

"So, how do I learn," you ask. Well, go to the Academy's website by clicking on the link below and fill your head with all the useful information I have gathered for you there!

Please note, that this group is not intended only for noobs. The site has material that many pros may not have heard about yet as well. Also, keep in mind that even if you are pro, going over the basics is never a pointless thing to do.

To actually be a "member" you must join the group. That's right, that's all you have to do! "So what's the downside," you may be thinking. Well, you know, I'm wondering the same thing.


When ever someone does something good for you, do something good for someone else. If someone gives you a gift, give someone else a gift. If someone compliments you, then you compliment someone else. Keep the good attitude and respect for one another flowing from member, to member, to member.

{CS:S is a registered trademark of Valve Corporation. This group is not affiliated with Valve Corporation. All game images and names are property of Valve Corporation.}

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