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Welcome To GroupGATOR!
So why did I get invited to this group?
If you joined on your own reconnaissance we welcome you and thank you for joining, otherwise if we invited you to our Steam group this is because we are trying to reach out to new users, make new friends and share our community. The only way we know to introduce our group to new users is to invite new users like yourself. If you choose not to stay, know we will miss you, but we understand our group may not be for everyone. Otherwise, if you're looking to increase your group count, group activity and/or game server activity you've come to the right place, the best place, the only place.

What is GroupGATOR?
GroupGATOR is a community of users helping each other to develop larger and more active groups. We're working hard to provide tools and knowledge specifically for group owners to help them develop successful groups on Steam.

Why Choose GroupGATOR?
Because we are the original. We did the research, the hard work and payed our dues to provide you with the software you use now. We are always in a state of development offering updates/upgrades for free to our users.

Because we are the most copied. Some say being copied is the sincerest of flatteries, but honestly they're just copying us and it's not that flattering. Why go no name when you can have the original? Stick with GroupGATOR and you'll get the results you want guaranteed.

Because our community is the most knowledgeable when it comes to making a successful group. If you want to know anything just ask our staff or other users. We're all here to help. Our community is also networked with several other large gaming communities who use GroupGATOR religiously. Our network of successful group owners is extensive and we're proud to say we helped several of them achieve their goals of running a large, active and successful group.

Because we're down to earth and chill. We enjoy getting to know our users. We've made several friends already and our lists keep growing. We are always giving our users free time and help along the way. We take care of those who contribute to the community. We're not about the money, we're not about the fame, we're about helping you achieve your goals. We believe that by helping others good tidings will come back our way, call it karma if you will.

Can I wear the symbol?
Yes, we welcome you to wear our symbol.

What is the symbol?
The symbol is (G8r) and can be worn in front or in back of your nick.

More information on GroupGATOR can be found on our community website.
Please be patient while we develop our site:

Thank you goes out to all our supporters!
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