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A collection and collaboration of surf enthusiasts from across the planet who participate within the professional KSF surf community.

With servers that have set the standard for skill surf and players who push the boundaries of what is possible, we strive to bring you the best gaming experience possible.

Please invite anyone you know who is apart of this community.

Visit our homepage at:

Discord Server:
Discord: Visit our discord server! [ksfclan.com]

Counter-Strike: Source Servers:
[KSFClan.com] #1 24/7 SurfTimer![ksfclan.com] or surf.ksfclan.com:27015 [ksfclan.com]

[KSFClan.com] #1 24/7 SurfTimer! [Expert Only][ksfclan.com] or expert.ksfclan.com:27016 [ksfclan.com]

[KSFClan.com] #1 24/7 SurfTimer! [Veteran Only][ksfclan.com] or surf.ksfclan.com:27017 [ksfclan.com]

[KSFClan.com] #1 24/7 SurfTimer! [Europe][ksfclan.com] or eu.ksfclan.com:27016 [ksfclan.com]

[KSFClan.com] #1 24/7 SurfTimer! [Beginner][ksfclan.com] or eu.ksfclan.com:27019 [ksfclan.com]

[KSFClan.com] #1 24/7 SurfTimer! 100 Tick! [Europe][ksfclan.com]or eu.ksfclan.com:27017 [ksfclan.com]

[KSFClan.com] #1 24/7 SurfTimer! 100 Tick![ksfclan.com]or surf.ksfclan.com:27018 [ksfclan.com]

[KSFClan.com] #1 24/7 SurfTimer! [Top 500][ksfclan.com]or eu.ksfclan.com:27018 [ksfclan.com]

[KSFClan.com] #1 24/7 SurfTimer! [Australia][ksfclan.com] or au.ksfclan.com:27015 [ksfclan.com]

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Servers:
[KSFClan.com] #1 24/7 SurfTimer! EasySurf (Tiers 1-2)[ksfclan.com] or csgo.ksfclan.com:27015 [ksfclan.com]

[KSFClan.com] #1 24/7 SurfTimer! AllSurf (Tiers 1-6)[ksfclan.com] or csgo.ksfclan.com:27016 [ksfclan.com]

[KSFClan.com] #1 24/7 SurfTimer! HotShotSurf (Tiers 1-8)[ksfclan.com] or csgo.ksfclan.com:27017 [ksfclan.com]

[KSFClan.com] #1 24/7 SurfTimer! [Europe] (Tiers 1-6)[ksfclan.com]or eu.ksfclan.com:27015 [ksfclan.com]

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