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You can Trade Any Steam Items in here, Just join the channel or leave a post in our wall and start trading!!!

Only English in the Chat

Only Trade Posts on the Wall

Don't Forget to invite your friends!!!

General group/chat Rules

1. Posting more than 5 (two) game/item images of any kind is not allowed, it is recommended that you list your items through text or links instead.
2. Do not repetitively post your offer, restrict repeat offer posts to once every 3 (three) minutes. Please post moderately. Remember, you can always directly message other traders in the chat room.
3. Do not spam pointless or nonsense text, we welcome non-trade chat but please don't spam.
4. Rudeness towards Admins or Mods will result in a ban. Direct Insults to an Admin will result in a perma ban with no appeal.
5. No more than 5 lines are to be posted in one post. (Use text documents for more lines)

If you get banned you can get unbanned just once by donating a rare or a mythical So think twice before you spam or act like an asshole.(We do not accept greevils or eggs.) ( TALK WITH NURMENGARD ABOUT THIS )

Donnors of the community:

-asc philstah.

Now You can also Leave your Trade on the Trades wall in the blog, check it out!

If You have been scammed or if someone in the group has tried to scam you, Please take a screen shot of it.

Here are a few ways to do it.

# 1 If You are ingame press F12 like you would for a game screen shot .
# 2 Pressing "Print Screen" Button if you are running windows XP as your OS.
# 3 Running Snipping Tool if you use Windows 7 as your OS .

Once you have your screen shot saved on your computer , please upload it to and then send the proof to an admin so that they may take action against the scammer or attempted scammer .

If you are uncertain about a trade please contact an admin for advice . We are here to help.
Admin List:


Snail ๑ﭥ:
Ouroboros عودة أبدية

A new type of scam is going around where traders offer to put steam wallet on your account if you give them your private information steam login and password . DO NOT FALL FOR THIS . Never give your private information "login and password" to anyone.

I hope this helps some of your new traders and old traders alike.

Trade safely.
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