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• We're glad you made it here! •

Welcome to Aussie Heroes, we are now a FREE to join group, here you are able to make new friends, participate in competitions and chat to all of our members, no matter where you are, so let's create the biggest & the best Aussie worldwide group ever!

Just to let you know, we do have rules, so be respectful to each other and enjoy being a part of something that is really special that you can contribute to, I'm always here to help anyone with any challenges they may have in life, just add me as a friend or jump in the chat room when I'm online and I'll do my best to help :)

• Join our chat room! •

All prizes won at Aussie Heroes will only be given out in our chat room by myself, we have NO BOTS giving any prizes out ever, you will have one week to claim your prize.

• We need YOU! •

Promote, promote, promote, Aussie Heroes is fast becoming one of the best and most popular Steam groups to belong to, you can all still help by inviting your friends to our awesome community!

But most of all, have FUN and enjoy being a member of Aussie Heroes!

Always try to help each other, make a difference to everyone you meet in your life :)

In life, there will always be haters, just don't listen to them, become the person who you want to become in your life and make that difference to the people who you come in contact with, thats what being a member of Aussie Heroes is all about :)

2022 is here now, there are no excuses for us to help each other, it's up to us to make that difference to the people we come in contact with each and every day of our lives, make your goal this year to be Loud and Proud to be a member of Aussie Heroes and help the people around you to become the best they can be ;)

What do you really have to lose?

Make a difference my good friends :)

Game on!

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