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Do to the Merging of Universal Traders with Grupo do Wave we are here to bring the Australian Community a place for the buy and sell of low to high tier Unusual Trading. Any Questions Regarding Server can be expressed below

About Us

Welcome to Universal Traders, We are an upcoming Australian High tier and Unusual trading server. Our server map is currently in development but we assure you it will be a very unique map and would be tailored for all your needs.

Map Features:
*A vast and unique map tailored for your experiences.
*A wooden auction house for potential auctioning of items.
*A Darkroom for you to view unusual effects.
*A room filled with mirrors to mess around in.
*A Boxing ring for potential games.
*A Beautiful beach with various small islands to explore.
*A Mass spy crab room for server events.
*A 1v1 spy crab room for your day to day uses.
*A calm and quite area for you to chill at.
*HHHH and zombies would also spawn at various locations so that you may fight them.

Command Features: (Planning to add more so give us suggestions)
!bp To view someone else’s backpack
!pc A price check system
!tp Thirdperson view
!fp Firstperson view
!group Invites people into the Universal Traders Group
!home To teleport back to red base in the case that you get lost

Universal Traders Group
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