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Mass Crabbing Co (MassCC)

Giveaways, Mini-games & More! All Free to Enter!

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~ Who are we? ~ 🚀

We offer giveaways & group events, along with server mini-games, such as Sharks & Minnows, Mass Spycrabbing, Boxing Tournaments, and various other games that give players the chance to win items.

These items range anywhere from unique items, to Unusuals and more.
And the best part is, all our events and giveaways.. Are 100% free to enter!


~ MassCC's Official TF2 Server ~ 🎮

~ MassCC's Official Discord Server~


~ Inviting ~
More members means more giveaways.

To do this, look to the top right and click "Invite friends" you can then either select all of your current friends, or you can select certain people.

Once you're done simply click "Invite To Group"


~ Banned From Our Server? ~
File a server ban appeal!


~ Notes ~ 🐦

We do NOT own prize bots!
If you were added by anyone claiming you won a giveaway/event from us, it's a scammer.

We will NEVER add you to give you your prize, you must add the person hosting the giveaway/event to claim your winnings.

No advertising!
If you are caught advertising anything on the group, you will be banned!

Having trouble joining the server? - CRC error & more.
Tutorial on fixing!

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