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TF2 Item Raffle Group

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Welcome to TF2IRG!

                                                              Important Update (Aug 30)

Current giveaways:

Who are we?
We are the TF2 Item Raffle Group, which is known as TF2IRG.
We always work towards the future to bring even better raffles, giveaways and events.
We keep our members and customer satisfaction above anything.

Ways of helping us expand:
Invite your friends! - Just click this link
Set TF2IRG as your main group!

Looking for promotions?
Contact the group owner for more details.
Prices vary depending on what you're looking for.

See the full list of TF2IRG partners here: Partners of TF2IRG
Contact Rez if you wish to partner with TF2IRG.
Please read Partner rules first.

General group rules
Raffle entrant rules
Moderator rules
Partner rules

Do you have questions? - Here is our F.A.Q.
For any serious questions contact Rez (Owner) or Slappy (Head Admin).

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