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Looking for some video games deals? Free Games? Giveaways?
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Group Rules:

1. Be respectful. We don't allow cursing, impersonation, spamming, scamming, and any negative attitude.
2.If you see a potential scam, hit the report post button!
3. Please no advertising, scams, or other bad stuff especially CS:Go Rulette codes
4. No Begging! Please dont ask for free Steam keys. You can find all Free Steam games on our website.
If it doesnt say FREE in title its not FREE!

If you not gonna respect the rules you will get banned. Bans will range from a warning to permament!

Grab The Games started by two gamers, tired of buying games at retail prices. We have discovered that there are a lot of great deals out there on new and used games. Why pay full price when you can get huge discounts by shopping around online.

The concept of Grab The Games is simple. We will share all of the best deals that we find on the latest video games and open up the opportunity for our Users to share deals for their favorite games too. The end result is one website filled with all the best prices on games across the Internet. We save money... and we pass the savings on to you.

To make Grab The Games more interesting for our Users, we have built a cool Voting System, which allows our Subscribers to decide which deals are really good. You may also comment on individual Deals to share your thoughts. Every participating Subscriber gets a Profile page which shows the number of Deals Posted, Votes Made and Received as well as the number of Comments posted by each User. You can even earn Badges for achievements as you become more involved.

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