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Get skins while playing 1v1 matches
On CSGOVersus[csgoversus.com], you can play 1v1 matches on CSGO and get skins while doing that. Use the referral code 123 to get 25 free coins to start out!

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CS:GO Case Key

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-> You can't make raffles. Doing it will result in a permanent ban of the group. Free giveaways are still permitted, and you can do them right there.

-> Making giveaways that involves Facebook (liking or sharing pages), Twitter, Youtube or any other social network will result in 1 week ban at the 1st time, if you repeat it you get banned permanently.

-> Advertisement of any other Steam group will result in a 1 week ban.

-> Begging for stuff will result in a 1 week ban at 1st time, if you repeat it you get banned permanently.

-> We have no tolerance to insults or racism. If you do it, you'll get a permanent ban from the group.

-> Spamming will result in a 1 month ban.

-> If we have enough proof that you're trying to scam someone at the trade section of the forums, you'll be banned permanently.

-> Community Giveaways threads that have no reply for 1 week or more will be locked.

-> Trades threads that don't have any reply for over 2 weeks will get deleted. This is to make the forums clean.

-> If you've won a giveaway but you don't have CS:GO on that account, you won't be able to get the item.

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