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Welcome to Baker's Game giveaways!
A giveaway community which is a part of UltraShock Gaming. We have one great and crazy community - you're just one click away from being a part of it!

What is UltraShock Gaming?

UltraShock Gaming is one of the biggest giveaway and gaming communities on all of Steam. UltraShock Gaming consists of all the four groups below and a total of over 600,000 unique members, still rapidly growing.


We will always have some type of Giveaway going on every two days, whether it is a SteamGifts giveaway, live GA in our groups chat room or in announcements! Giveaway updates will be posted in the announcements and discussion board, so make sure you stay active and check for more information daily.
»» Do not advertise without the permission of staff. Steamgifts and links are allowed, assuming they do not include advertisements of other type within them. This includes inviting people to join other groups. The severity of the ban depends on what was the reason behind the advertisement. If you wish to advertise a greenlight game or similar, contact moderators - we offer promotion services.
»» Stay civil. There is no need for harrasment or flaming. If you have a problem with someone or see someone breaking the rules, please take it up with an administrator or a moderator. Do not attempt to fix it yourself.
»» Do not swear excessively. Be polite.
»» Do not spam.
»» Bots are not allowed.
»» Asking people to leave rep on your profile or anywhere else is forbidden.
»» No begging.
»» Trading is allowed. However, it must be done only in the trading sub-forum of our discussion page
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