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Hello everyone! We Team Antpire would like to thank you for joining our group! We are a group of hardworking artists trying to create some of the most unique and creative designs currently in the workshop. We decided to create a public community where people can ask questions and get feedback from us and other workshop members. We try to create all types of finishes/styles/techniques on popular and unpopular weapons to please the masses.

We also will do annoucements and EVENTS (be prepared for a little spam :D) to advertice our new published skins. We hope you will support us and leave a "like" and add our stuff to your favourites.

We also will do give-away EVENTS (random - maybe the first will be at the beginning of next month) where we will give away keys for the actual cases or a few weapons. So stay tuned and look out for some events.


We DO NOT co-list or split revenue with anyone so please do not ask.

Don't advertise skins or other stuff (links, streams and so on) in our comment section. This is a group for the fans of the Antpire-Team and our creations. It took us hundreds of hours and months of time to come to this point and it was lots of hard work for everyone. So pls understand that we want to use this group to announce and promote our work and help others with workshop questions. Thx to everyone!

If you want to post your designs for us and others to see please use the SHOW US YOUR WORK discussion post.

We dont want to limit comments but the "SUPER MEGA ULTRA EPIC" ones are overdone and ungenuine. If you like our work we would rather you take a second to type a sentence or two then copy/paste that thanks guys!
Thx for your support!
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