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Hey there! I'm Sandro aka biBa (bibanator/bibaboy) and this is my official steam community group. I'm the one and only main-admin of this page. Don't get scammed by impersonators. That's my only account where I'm playing and trading on!

I'm a dude straight outta germany. I studied media design, worked for some big companies and created a lot of professional Counter Strike Fragmovies and also a lot of other counter strike related content for my youtube channel 'bibanator'. I was ballin games allday long since I was a little low kid. Started with a SNES when I was 6 years old and I play Counter Strike since 2003 and started with the CS:S Beta back in april 2004. So over 10 years CS experience should be enough for the randoms. I also played in some amateur leagues and had the opportunity to join some pro teams. Nowadays I just play for fun but I'm always focused to win... or to suck. Most of you may know my youtube series: biBa sucks. This describes my skill in some CS:GO matches perfectly.

My YouTube channel bibanator has reached over 500k subscribers.

My 2nd YouTube channel Twitch Highlight Videos!

My livestream [] - you can watch me getting owned by nearly everyone

My CS:GO Gaming Config - you can find it here and it is always up to date!

Youtube channel - 500k subscribers
Twitch livestream - 300k followers[]
Instagram profile - 50k followers[]
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