Original Curators Group

Original Curators Group (xxOCGxx)

Welcome to the Original Curators Group!

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The Original Community is growing and we have made a couple more groups to help us expand. This group will be the main game curation force behind the Original Community. We will be bringing the recommendations of our community to the world.

Remember to follow the curation page!

To help developers and our community to spread our personal taste in gaming we have made this group specifically for writers and readers alike to get the word out.

We will bring you reviews for some of the best games of all time, AAA titles, early access titles, indies, everything that's good.

This group will bring you the best giveaways & curations ever.
OCG Discord[discord.gg]

About the Curations:

Our OCG personalized `QuickViews` will bring you the latest in Early Access titles, Action, Adventure, Shooter, Strategy, RPG, Simulation, Racing, and Casual games! We make Steam, & Youtube reviews!

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