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This group is the number 1 giveaway group on Steam!
No other group can show more giveaway winner confirms.

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About the Original Giveaway Group
  • This group is a part of the Original Network. The Original Network is the oldest Steam group "network" on steam and we are not just the most experienced Steam group network, we are also the biggest, with 24 groups, almost 37 partner groups and more than 2.600.000 members and followers.
  • Every winner need to confirm in our winner cofirmation thread and every winner will be personally contacted by our mods. So you will never miss if you won something!
  • Our Original GIveaway Group has gained 210k premium members and more as 250k regular new members in the last 2 years, making us the fastest growing non commercial Giveaway Group on Steam. We gave away 4+ million games.
  • We will be bringing you many giveaways on SG and in our group announcement/forumdrops.
  • You have never to pay something to enter our giveaways. We make giveaways and not raffles.
  • We do not want partnerships with Raffle groups. If you want entry fees or make profit with your group, we will not support that. We are a 100% giveaway group.
  • OGG Discord[discord.gg]

Giveaway Rules:
  • If you want to host a giveaway you need to make sure that all winners confirm in our winner confirmation thread
  • If you want to host a coupon or "small" giveaway with less then 10 indie keys you have to ask for a permission.
  • It's strictly forbidden to open smalltalk threads in the giveaway section. If you want to make smalltalk use the smalltalk subforum
  • The following giveaways are allowed: Chat key drops, Steamgifts, and other serious giveawaysites but not affiliate links like Tremorgames or Steamgameswap and of course nothing against the steam online conduct like raffles, paytowin or surveys. Also no adverts for other Discord servers.
  • Gleam or similar giveaways from third party groups are allowed only if you show us the following before the giveaway event starts: the Steam gifts or keys/receipt and a confirmation from the winner at the end of the event. If you cannot show us the confirmation, it will result in a permanent ban.

Security Info:
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