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Current State: Afterbirth+

Modding of Isaac is a mod database website for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and it's expansion, Afterbirth. Modders can submit their mods and players can download and subscribe to mods to be notified when they are updated. The site uses an artstyle based on the game, and contains many useful features and cosmetics with more stuff being added frequently. The site is maintained by noodle and our awesome volunteer moderators!

Please use this group's discussion forums if you find any bugs or have an idea you want to suggest. We also have a Modding Lounge for those looking to create a mod team, discuss mods, and otherwise talk about anything related to Rebirth modding.

If you'd like to keep updated with the latest going-ons, we have our social pages.

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Facebook[] - See all the new featured mods, and other promotional stuff.
Twitter - For behind the scenes with the creator and other nonsense.
Patreon[] - Support the site costs and get some rewards in return!

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