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Steam Group Page
General Rules
  • Strictly follow Steam Guidelines
  • Advertising sites, groups and workshop items is not allowed without permission
  • Trading or farming keys from our giveaways is not allowed
  • Trolling, flaming, phishing, rep for repping and refferal links are not allowed
  • Trading is ALLOWED but, you will have more chances to trade at Original Traders Group
  • Begging/Asking for free keys will get you banned
  • "Comment on my profile" giveaways are not allowed and will result into a ban for both users
  • Impersonating is not allowed
Chat Rules
  • One ad every 5 minutes
  • If your ad is still visible you are not allowed to post another
  • Private Messaging people with unrequested offers is not allowed
  • A maximum of 3 items is allowed per message
Forum Rules
  • One thread per day
  • Do not post double threads
Breaking any of these rules will result in a warn or a kick. Breaking them again will result into a ban.
We might change the rules at any given time and we will inform users about the changes.
Useful Links
Looking for more giveaways?

• Check out Giveaway News,and Giveaway Central two places where giveaway groups post their giveaways!

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