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What is Lots O' Giveaways?
• Lot's O Giveaways is a Steam group that loves giving away games to everyone! Since our launch we have given away over $650,000 worth of games (from Indie Titles and AAA) and we plan to give away loads more! You can see games we gave away in large quantities on the right side.

How can I win a game?
• We mostly do community favourite so called "Insta Win" giveaways, keep an eye out for those and you will surely get a game. You can also win games by being in the chat.

What makes Lot's O Giveaways different from other giveaway groups?
• We are different from other giveaway groups as instead of 'Quality Not Quantity' we prefer to use the term 'Quality and Quantity'. We are one of the only Steam groups who giveaway bunches of keys at a time for great games that everyone loves.

How can I support Lot's O Network?
• You can support us by simply inviting your friends or by putting [LOG] next to your username (You can do that here).
General Rules
  • Strictly follow Steam Guidelines
  • Advertising sites, groups and workshop items is not allowed without permission
  • Trading or farming keys from our giveaways is not allowed
  • Trolling, flaming, phishing, rep for repping and refferal links are not allowed
  • Trading is not allowed but, you will can trade here Lot's O Tradin'
  • Begging/Asking for free keys will get you banned
  • "Comment on my profile" giveaways are not allowed and will result into a ban for both users
  • Impersonating is not allowed
Breaking any of these rules will result in a ban.
We might change the rules at any given time and we will inform users about the changes.
Looking for MORE giveaways?

• Check out Giveaway News,and Giveaway Central two places where giveaway groups post their giveaways!

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