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Quak quack quak quak quak.

Quack quak Quak quak quaaack?
Quak quak quack, quak quak quak quak. Quack quak quaa quak quak quack-quak quak quak, quak quak quak quack quack quak quack!

Quack quak quak quack

Quack quak quak quack?
Quak quak quack quak quak quak quack, quak quak quak, quak quack &. quak, Duck: quak quak quack QUACK quak.

Quack quak quaaak?
Quack quack quak quak quak quack quack quack quak. quak quak quack quack quak QUACK!! QUAUAUAUACK

Quack quack quack quak quak quack quak quak quak?
Quack quak quaak quak quak quak, quak quak quack quak.

<Over humans do not speak quakish! Learn quakish!>

All duck friends are welcome

Why did you started this group?
There are more and more Ducks outside. We want to reach one million duck friends world-wide, and we want to give them a safe pond!

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What we are doing?
We are posting the hottest duck pictures, the ‘most ducky’ & famous duck videos, the greatest Duck Deals and the best duck giveaways.

What is our Goal?
We want to take over Steam! User by User, Group by Group, and then we will start our ducky domination World Tour.

I'm just a human can I join the group?
If you want to stay alive, you should join us.

Our Email:
[email protected]

Our Discord:

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