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What is SkinProfit?

We are a CS:GO skin-based website where you can win skins from CS:GO by depositing them to a pot! The website works in a very simple way:

- You deposit your skin or multiple skins.
- We will give you a ticket for each U.S.Dollar cent your skin is worth - if you deposit a 0.1$ skin you'll get 10 tickets, with a 1$ skin you'll get 100 tickets, with a 10$ - 1000, and so on. Number of tickets for each skin is constantly updated with our up to date database.
- When the 50 skins threshold is reached we close the pot and we gather all the awarded tickets and randomly pick one (You can check our randomizing script in Provably Fair tab). This player whose ticket was chosen will receive all the skins in the prize pool!
- The threshold may vary based on current traffic on our site.
- The winner will receive a trade offer (up to 30 minutes after winning, usually instantly).

The higher the combined value of the skins you deposited are, the higher the chance of winning the whole pot! There are no limits of your winnings!


1. There are no deposit limits per player - each player can deposit any chosen number of skins - there is a 10 skins per trade limit, but a user may deposit several times on a round.
2. There are no price limits per skin - the price used for awarding tickets is fetched from SteamAnalyst, users need to pre-confirm the value they are depositing.
3. If any skins enter the pool on the last deposit and the skins counter goes over the defined threshold, they will be considered as part of the current round since the user depositing them participated in the current and not in the preceding round.
4. There is an house rake up to 5% on every round (it may be lower, but never bigger than 5%) - this rake is calculated based on the total pool amount in U.S. Dollars and discounted in skins, and is already discounted of the value when the round winning values are shown.
5. The deposits and withdrawals are instant. If any of our rules isn’t clear for you, you have any concerns or questions – you can use our support tab and get information from us directly!


1. Ranking tab – you can check our ranking with biggest winners of our site.
2. Activity tab – you can check your recent activity on our site, your recent games and winnings.
3. Raffle tab -- you can chech our raffle with knife or any weapons giveaways

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