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What is Rustyvegas?

Rustyvegas.com is a VGO raffle site. You, along with other players, enter your skins into a raffle. Once enough skins have been deposited, our site draws a winner, who receives ALL the skins in the pot - the more your deposited skins are worth, the higher your chances of winning are!

Add Rustyvegas.COM to your steam nickname and get +5% bonus to your win amount!

How it works:
Step 1 - You trade your skins to one of our secure bots.
Step 2 - Our site determines the value of your skins using csgo.steamanalyst.com, then calculates your chance to win
Step 3 - When the raffle ends, a winner is drawn, and they receive all skins in the pot!

The house takes 5%, this is to keep our servers up and running.

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Rustyvegas.com - Rust Jackpot / coinflip![rustyvegas.com]
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