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Welcome to USG

UltraShock Gaming is an indie game marketing and PR firm dedicated to publishing independent video games through Steam. We also run daily giveaways and fun events for our fantastic fans!

We are the single biggest giveaway network on all of Steam, which is what makes us so effective in publishing games. UltraShock Gaming consists of this group and all the groups below and a total of over 350,000 active members, still rapidly growing.

Why choose UltraShock Gaming?

Besides being one of the biggest giveaway communities, we've given away over $2 million worth of retail games in the past year alone! This is a friendly community where we giveaway games without gain; where we give back to the gamers.


We will always have some type of Giveaway going on every day on our groups! Giveaways are conducted on:

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🌐 Website[www.ushockgaming.org]
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