GiveawayCentral (GCentral)

A place to find giveaways from various groups!

Steam Group Page

Whats the point of this group?
- This is the place where you can find genuine giveaways from partners groups.

Will this group host giveaways?
- As part of the Zeepond network, all will be promoted here automatically. But you will also be able to find giveaways from other partners groups.

Where can I find the links to giveaways?
- Only admins of Giveaway Central will post giveaway announcements on behalf of partners groups.

I want to become a partner, what to do?
- Write a apply Click here, for partner applys

Where does my group benefit if we become partners?
- Your group will get more attention and more members coming from our group.

What groups can become partners?
- We are looking to become partners with quality groups.
General Rules
  • Racist, homophobic or discriminate in any way.
  • No advertising of any sites or groups unless permission has been granted.
  • No posting of phishing or referral links (including filter bypasses).
  • No trading allowed.
  • No spamming, trolling or flaming.
  • No NSFW content[]
  • Be nice to fellow group members, do not disrespect, harass or threaten them.
  • No impersonating anyone or anything.

Breaking any of these rules will result in a warning or a kick. Breaking them again will result into a ban.
We might change the rules at any given time and we will inform users about the changes.

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