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Season of Freaks: Apr 17 - Jul 31

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The commencement of "Season of Freaks" has been officially declared by Saxton Hale!

For a limited time, enjoy an all-time favorite loved by many, Freak Fortress. The freaks are back to hunt you down in the next two months, from now until July 31, 2022. You don't have much time left with the Freaks before they go, quit stalling around will ya? Hunt down the Freaks now!

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With over 400K unique players from over 190 countries, we are a constantly evolving network of custom Team Fortress 2 servers available worldwide.

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✨ Member Perks
By being a member of this group, you unlock access to these features. If you joined this group while inside a server, you need to reconnect to the server to
unlock the perks.
  • Sprays
  • Free 7 Day Trial to Titan Plus (claim from website)

  • !skin - Change your player skin
  • !zombie - Swap to a zombie skin
  • !re - Add a cool looking respawn effect
  • !taunt - Use any taunt in the game

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