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About Us
➣ We are a giveaway and gaming Steam community group, which used to make plenty of awesome giveaways, but we have slowed down, due to heavy spending on the AAA games, which we gave away. Feel free to talk anything gaming-related in our discussions, and simply having fun. We wish you all the best in our giveaways, an enjoyable gaming and see you on the battlefield!

Group Rules
● Be kind to other people.
● Be respectful to other people.
● Do not spam anything anywhere.
● Do not beg in comments and threads.
● Do not abuse our giveaways by changing your name or by soliciting other items.
● Do not promote yourself without permission.
● Do not post any referral, phishing or N.S.F.W. links.
● Support our group however you can.
● You are responsible for your Steam account.
● Never ever break any of the aforementioned rules.

➣ The highest tier of The Guardian's Zone Staff. People who have showed hard work, interest, and great enthusiasm towards helping to maintain the group and help out the community. This position must be earned and cannot be received solely via any donations.

➣ People who show interest in our Steam group and whose activity regarding The Guardian's Zone is monitored for promotional reasons. Contact Endless if you want to find out more details on how to become a moderator in our Steam group.

Group Donators
Lucian ♛
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➣ Thank you very much, we appreciate all donations a lot!

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