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Welcome to Elite Giveaways, Home of Awesome Giveaways and Top-Notch Curated Games

Who Are We?

Elite Giveaways is an active giveaway group consisting of experienced curators and streamers, software developers, and other upstanding individuals from all over the globe. Besides that, we also lend a helping hand to indie developers seeking to promote their upcoming or released games through our arsenal of media channels.

Meet the Team

Group Owner: LyndaSmiles

Webmaster: Zim

Admins: Zim

Sexy Aussie: Sal Monella

Moderator: JoeyXeno

Curators: Malkavian, joan4003

Streamer: JoeyXeno

Community Rules

• No NSFW or disturbing material.
• No advertising OR posting suspicious OR referral links.
• No spamming.
• No begging.
• No immature behavior, trolling, or harassment.

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