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ReviewExperts | Academy (rexacd)

The first Academy for Game Reviewers

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Hi everyone we present you our group who holds a new concept of adding the most talented reviewers that we choose by doing a test where they proof if they are eligible, if you will pass the ReviewExperts Academy you can join our official group of reviewing (more than 20000 members) this is your chance to get known if you want to get in touch add us on Steam and comment the reason on the profile

Well.. Okay this is nice but how does this actually work lol?

- You write 2 reviews per week, we provide the games
- We will look at your reviews and rate them
- The good ones will be shown in this groups curation
- After we had 8 excellent reviews from you ( 1 month ) we will start learning you all the tasks and responsibilities of becoming a reviewer in our big group.
- Let's bundle our powers and serve the community with our excellent review and vision on games.

We prefer you to mail us at [email protected] and write something about yourself and show some reviews ( just links to steam reviews ).
You have the most chance by mailing us but you can also comment on my profile with a reason and i will accept you on steam.
Here are our heroes! Kuch kuch... Juniors... <3

EthanKlein | Tony Stark | The Doctor | Lady Oberon | Berroni
We will start recruiting new reviewers/curators from 21th february!
So make sure to get in touch before it's gonna be full ;)
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