CS:GO Stone

CS:GO Stone

CS:GO Stone is the #1 Giveaway group for CS:GO items!

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Welcome to this amazing group
This group is all about free stuff and cheap stuff, we divide those two in 'freebies' and 'deals' if you are a member of this group then you can stay up to date with all the freebies and deals going on in the fabulous Steam universe.

You are reading this as a member, and this group got so big because of you! The member! That's why we want you to give us suggestions and feedback by commenting on Daniel's profile.

This group is open for partnerships, do you have a group of more than 40,000 members than contact us.
We select the best of the best partners to deliver you only natural and lovely announcements, events and forum posts.

If this group is not enough for you then make sure to check out our twitter account with more than 80,000 followers.
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