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Welcome to Lit Trading!

Looking to trade? Want to exchange something? Have any left over cards?
Don't worry, head to our discussions to make a thread! Want to increase your threads exposure? Link it in the group comments or bump your thread ever so often.

General Rules:
  • CS:GO spam is strictly forbidden. It will be deleted and you will receive a permanent posting BAN. Repeated offenders WILL be reported to CSGO sites and will result in your account being reset.
  • Repetitive spam posts may result in a forum ban!
  • Do not flame or insult other members.

    For more in-depth rules click here.

Trade Rules:
  • Do not post unreasonable trades which are unlikely to be accepted.
  • You may bump trade threads once every 24 hours. Excessive bumping may result in a temporary forum ban.
  • Your trade post title may be edited by a forum moderator if you fail to follow the basic trade post format.
  • Please only post fair trades that are up to date with current market price and value.
  • Scamming or posting suspicious trades will result in a permanent ban.
  • Hijacking threads/posts will result in a ban.
Lit Trading or the Lit Network is not at all responsible for any user who has been scammed through our trade forums. We suggest users use caution and apply common sense when trading. If it's too good to be true, it is. We will not reimburse scammed users, we only provide a moderated platform to trade, as is.

Please read the trade post formatting sticky here, before posting.
This group is a part of the Lit Network, LN consists of 5 groups:

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