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Thank you for visiting Tinor's Giveaways!

Feel free to visit our newest giveaways or take some time to trade and talk with other community members. For questions, please look below in the FAQ. The FAQ didn't gave an answer on your question? Add me to ask it, HERE

What do we do?
We will post giveaways that are runned with the giveaway programm Gleam, so everyone has the same chances to win. Most of the giveaways will be about games on the platform Steam there'll be a couple giveaways of CS:GO skins too.
What is Gleam
Gleam is a programm where you can participate in a giveaway by completing some entries (tasks). These tasks can be joining a Steam group, following on twitter or following on Twitch for exapmle. With this programm everyone has the same chances to win a giveaway
Can I get a partnership?
To discuss about partnerships you can ask SirGoose or Tinor .
We will discuss about it and give you your answer as fast as possible.
Where can I donate?
We will use 50% of the donations for GIVEAWAYS and in these giveaways e will make clear we got the prices from you. If you would like to support us you could donate HERE

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