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✨ Our plans & upcoming changes for 2022 are posted here![wonderland.tf]

❤️ Since 2016, made possible by you. Join the family today, and help Wonderland.tf become the best community server ever.

🎉 General Information
Don't be shy, come introduce yourself on the forums[wonderland.tf] & join our Discord[discord.gg] to chat in real-time with everyone!

📢 Events? announcements?
We regularly post events & announcements through our Discord server![discord.gg] More important announcements are also posted here.[wonderland.tf]
Make sure to join our Steam group chat aswell, as we sometimes post server events on there.

💭 I have a suggestion
Please tell us how to do it better! Make a post on our forums[wonderland.tf] for better reach.

💎 Donate
Donating helps us cover our server costs, and maintain our servers & plugins, you also receive exclusive in-game privileges when you donate! More information can be found here[www.wonderland.tf]

✔️ Staff Team
Our awesome staff team can & will help you if you have questions about the community, or on our servers. If you wish to report players on the servers, you can do so by joining our Discord[discord.gg] server, or reporting the players directly on our forums[wonderland.tf].

🔖 Server List
You can find a list of servers we host by clicking on this[bans.wonderland.tf] link

🛑 I am banned and/or muted, what should I do?
Feel free to post an appeal here[wonderland.tf]

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Twitter | Discord[discord.gg] | Forums[wonderland.tf] | YouTube

📧 Questions? Contact the owner @ [email protected]

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