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Lewd 4 Dead (Lewd4Dead!)

Everyone is welcome ! - 誰でもいつも歓迎します!

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Welcome to Lewd4Dead

Lewd4Dead means great gaming experience with an extreme form of Left4Dead2.

Our servers are equipped with great options for endless fun. You can decide which team you want to play in with simple server commands. Even more fun is to be able to buy everything that exists in Left4Dead2. For example, if you like to play as Special Infected, you are able to buy any Special Infected you want. A Charger that you can control yourself? A Boomer that can fly? A Smoker with a terribly long tongue? Or do you want to buy a Tank to beat everything and everyone to a pulp?

Do you like to play as Survivor? That is also possible with a simple command. As a Survivor you are able to do extreme things to defend yourself against the common infected, but especially against the Special Infected. You can buy any weapon, full health and unleash a real war between you and your enemy. Buy Adrenaline, take a shot, and you can run super fast to escape your attackers.There is too much to mention, you have to try and experience it yourself. Join Lewd4Dead super fun today.

In-game commands

Type these commands in game chat

To switch between teams: !god
To buy in-game items: !buy
To repeat buy in-game: !rb


Lewd4Dead Discord: Click HERE[discord.gg]

Don't like to play in our servers ? There are differend options

1)Self-Ban Request

Create a toppic in our Steam group Discussions or use our Discord #ban-requests channel.

2) ADD servers IP Windows users

Check Lewd4Dead Servers IP list and add them to your Windows Firewall or iptables (Unix/Linux)

For Windows, open Command Line Prompt as Administrator, edit & paste this:
netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="L4D" dir=in interface=any action=block remoteip="<IP ADDRESS HERE>"

3) ADD servers IP Linux users

For Linux, run Terminal, make your self as root, edit & paste this:

Have FUN

Lewd4Dead Admins Team

ლ⁽ ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛⁾ლ 🅛🅔🅦🅓 ➍ 🅓🅔🅐🅓 ლ⁽ ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛⁾ლ
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