Frequently Asked Questions

Steam Group Page
◉ Who are we?

We are one of the most advanced gambling websites to ever exist, and with the low comission rates we will soon be the best website out there.
Our staff aren't just people that work here, we're a family. Owned by some of the most respected and reputable traders in the community, you can be sure that you're safe with us.
You can place bets with those coins on our Roulette, Coinflip, Jackpot and Crash game and withdraw them back to skins at any time you want!
Remember that these coins have no real world value.

◉ How can I get coins?

You can deposit Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins.
A skin worth $1 on the Steam Marketplace should give you around 1000 coins.
Another option is our affiliate system.

◉ What is the affiliate system?

Please visit our referral tab to set your own promo code. If you share it with other people, after using the code both of you will recieve free coins!
You need to choose a referral code that’s between 4 and 20 characters and it can’t contain any offensive words. Referral codes not complying with the rules will be deleted.

◉ How do I deposit skins for coins?

To deposit, head over to your profile page. Make sure your trade link is properly set.
Once you’ve done that, go to the Deposit page, select up to 20 items and then hit the deposit button.
Coins from deposits appear on your account immediately although in rare circumstances it can take up to 30 minutes (if steam breaks the offer that is).

◉ Why are some of my items missing from the deposit page?

You might need to refresh your inventory by clicking the “Refresh Inventory” button on the top right of the Deposit page.
Remember that our minimum depositing value it’s $2.50 - Also some of the items with prices hard to determine are not accepted on the site.
Please make sure you are using the Steam mobile authenticator for at least 7 days.

◉ How do I withdraw my coins to skins?

Go to the Withdraw page, select up to 20 items and then hit the Withdraw button.
If you happen to decline a trade offer, coins will be credited back to your account within 5 minutes.

◉ Why can’t I withdraw?

To withdraw item worth up to $1 you don't need any deposits, you just have to bet atleast 12 times. If you want withdraw items worth more than that, you have to deposit $2.50. Also, your 'Wager Amount' needs to be more than or equal to the amount your trying to withdraw, read more about the wager amount in the FAQ under 'What is Wager Amount?'.

◉ What is Wager Amount?

This is how much you have wagered or in other words bet on our various games. This amount mirrors to the amount you are allowed to withdraw from our store. This has been added in our new system to ensure that our store does not get mistaken for a trade bot to trade.
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