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● Welcome ●

iGOBet[igobet.pro] is one of the best CS:GO Betting sites. Feel free to try your luck. Just BET & WIN!

iGOBet[igobet.pro] v3 - What can you do? ☀

➨ Play Jackpot
➨ Play Roulette
➨ Play Coinflip
➨ Use Referral System (5$)
➨ Deposit Skins for Balance (to play Roulette/Coinflip)
➨ Buy Skins in our Shop (Cheaper than Steam)

Minimal bet $1 - Maximal amount of items - 10.

⌨ Support ⌨

➨ This Steam Group will not provide support! Please go to our Facebook Page and ask for the support there. Thanks.

➨ If you have any further questions you can always use this Steam Group, and also there is our email

♡ Giveaways ♡

We are planning to create a cycle of giveaways together with some popular twitch streamers (if you are one, contact us).

Basically, we will try to give one or two awesome items (like $300+ knife) each month.

Be sure to follow us daily and don't miss a chance to win something.

☎ Get in touch ☎

➨ Check out our latest news on our {LINK REMOVED}
➨ Be always up to date, and like our Facebook page[www.facebook.com]

⚠ Scam Awareness ⚠

Our Admin or Bot will never add you, ask for skins or have a chat with you. All administrative tasks and partnership requests are handled through email only.

If you see anyone pretending to be iGOBet[igobet.pro] Admin/Mod/Bot, report this here in the steam group in the dedicated thread.

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