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We have a serious passion for the best of independent gaming, and we know you do too! Scouring the furthest corners of the internet, our number one goal is to discover the most overlooked and underrated titles in order to bring them to your attention.

We are GamePromo, and we live, eat, and breathe indie games so that you don't have to.

It gets harder and harder with the current explosive marketplace of Steam to find the games that are really worth playing, your time is limited and the current bloat means more and more mediocrity to wade through. We spend every waking minute wading through those indie gaming territories so that you can explore and discover the best of the best.

Remember to follow our ongoing curation page for a regular dose of awesome new titles!(url)

Here at GamePromo we love and are inspired by seeing ambitious projects from independent developers, and our mission is to expose unique games to multitudes of potential fans and customers.

Our plans for the rest of the year and beyond are loaded, so be sure to check back often to interact with a multitude of promotions, impressions, Let's Plays, and other exciting announcements or community events!
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